My name is Jason Vanderpoorten and my wife's name is Christi Webb-Vanderpoorten.   We are from Meridian, Mississippi. We are the new owners of Cubbyhole Mini Storage, and are proud to be such.  We are a Christian couple that believes in helping people, supporting the local community, and providing a business that is honest and easy to patronize.  I am a United States Marine and United States Army veteran and am currently employed at Tower International in Meridian as a Maintenance Supervisor. I am a graduate of Mississippi State University, with over 23 years of industrial maintenance experience.  My wife, Christi, is a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and drug addiction counselor. She is employed at TAME, Meridian Weight Management, and Anderson Health and Fitness. She is a Master's graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, with over 25 years of counseling experience.  

To eliminate any alarm, we have plans to grow and improve the mini storage to make it safer, cleaner, more easily accessible by the Internet, and more options for storage.   Our goal is to offer RV, boat, and climate-controlled storage as well. We would like to renovate the left building by the office to offer office space or climate controlled storage.  

Goals for our first year:

  • Install gate activated by a key pad entry and finish making barrier fencing around entire perimeter

  • Begin renovation of spare office

  • Pressure wash and begin painting of some of the buildings

  • Address tenant concerns on their unit door function and insulation degradation

  • Work on concrete repair around units

  • Install more lighting around facility and begin swapping incandescent lights to LED units

  • Install approximately 6 more security cameras that will be easy to monitor by the owner's cell phone